Tyre Recycling is a unique proposition:

Scrap Tyres
Receive $$$ for accepting these tyres!

Your raw material comes with a cheque!

Tyres are designed to last in some of the harshest conditions possible. This has forced Governments, Councils, Dealers and the Public to accept disposal charge$$$ in an effort to offset the costs of landfill or recycling.

Considering the multi millions of tyres disposed of every year in all countries, significant recycling opportunities exist for investors to earn dividends consistently until they can work out how to make cars and trucks fly.

Land filling or burning tyres for energy has limited prospects as environmental authorities are acknowledging the need for
greener alternatives for this valuable waste product.

Recycled Rubber Liners Recycled Rubber Liners Recycled Rubber Liners
Hanging Baskets with Recycled Rubber Liners

Fact: More and more large volume uses are emerging for end products made from the rubber, steel and textile derived from recycling tyres.

Gym Flooring Cardio Flooring
Radical Rubber Flooring

Mass market end products like continuous rolls of cost effective recycled rubber used for noise insulation now complete the 'big picture' for investors to consider recycling tyres commercially.

Packaging Rubber Crumb
Packaging Rubber Crumb

You now get paid to accept tyres, machinery exists to economically reduce the tyres and demand exists in volume for the tyre derived end products.

Tyre being Shredded

Primary Shredder
Primary Shredder


Fact: Very few tyre recyclers are making money and the ones that are typically have no security over their raw materials (tyres) or the disposal fees which are primarily relied upon.

Huge investments have been made on purchasing "so-called" tyre recycling machinery (which typically cannot withstand the day in, day out abuse from recycling tyres) with little investment into real strategic plans for security, longevity, consistency, fire prevention and increasing returns on investments.

Old Shredder
Old Technology

Yes, significant opportunities exist worldwide to make a lot of money from recycling tyres, however, using the environment or proposed government assistance as your motivation will put you on the ever increasing list of failures.

Fact: Tyre recycling is driven solely on its financial rewards, not environmental rewards...

Inspecting Dumped Tyres
Illegally Dumped Tyres

Helping the environment only happens after you've been paid in full!

Strategic plans derived from experience, realistic evaluations of your country's scrap tyre industry, combined with durable day in day out tyre recycling technology are required to commercially benefit from this business.

Stringent quality control requirements imposed on tyre manufacturers ensures only top quality natural and synthetic rubber is used in the manufacture of tyres.

Crumb Rubber
The New Black Gold

This quality material in crumb form is capable of performing numerous tasks once applied to a variety of end products.

Examples of use are: Tiles and tile adhesives, mixing with asphalt, sports surfaces, carpet underlay, noise and vibration insulation, playgrounds and matting.


Sports Surface Underlay

Plus: Rubber crumb is used in new tyres, devulcanisation for low-tech pressed or extruded rubber products, commercial flooring, traffic control products and plenty more.

Recycled rubber crumb is valued at about one-third the price of virgin rubber so where it is interchangeable it has obvious demand.

Opportunities exist worldwide for companies to invest in tyre recycling,


the main focus must be applied to

'cradle to grave'

strategies and technology

Tyre recycling viability is based on the success of four key aspects of the business. Around the world tyre recycling businesses survive on one or two of these aspects which constantly devalues and risks their investment.

Many opportunities for companies to invest in so called 'proven' tyre recycling technologies are marketed by existing tyre recyclers. This is typically where they see their future returns coming from.

Testing New Plant New Plant
New Plant Installations

The growing worldwide interest in tyre recycling has opened doors to
'up front' fee's for so called 'proven technology'. Considerable
investments in time and machinery made by existing recyclers must be
justified and therefore huge sums are often demanded and paid for by companies seeking to make money from recycling tyres.

Fact: Commercially crumbing tyres is a relatively new industry. Most machines for crumbing (not primary shredding) have been developed over the last ten years.

Air Swept Granulator
Air Swept Granulator

In tyre recycling these machines have been typically prototypes. Very few machinery suppliers have had a successful track record, although obviously they'll tell you differently.

Factory Fire
Recycled Rubber Factory - 2 years to build
Factory Fire
Destroyed in 20 minutes

Very few machinery suppliers have dedicated time to the textile separation. Most successful tyre recyclers have developed their own in-house textile separation systems.

So much commitment has been dedicated to shredding and crumbing the tyres; the textile separation which would appear to be easy is left to the customer to fine tune. Most equipment manufacturers supply custom air tables or air knives, however this is just one part of the equation. One of the most difficult obstacles in tyre recycling is the textile separation, free of rubber!

Clean Fibre
Clean Textile which now has demand

...(free of rubber means not removing all the textile and half your rubber yield with it).

Contaminated Fibre
Rubber Contaminated Textile


it is possible, and once you know how it'll be an effective barrier to entry against competitors.

Secondary Processing
Secondary Processing

The ultimate limiting factor hindering success in tyre recycling is gross machine inability:

Tyres are designed to be abrasive, road hugging, load carrying, indestructibles made to stringent quality standards. They contain high tensile steel belts and various thickness bead wires which are the main contributors to breakdowns and wear in crumbing machinery.

Steel from Tyres
Saleable High Tensile Steel

Very few machines exist that can tolerate such 'constant' abuse.


Specialty equipment has evolved with replaceable wear plates (Very Important!), easy and fast cost effective resharpenable and replaceable knives, easy access for adjusting, quick hinging screen housings, fire detection devices and cooling systems...


State of the Art Machinery

It cannot be emphasized enough that without the correct equipment and processing layout you will be laboured with constant headaches.

Old Shredder
Constant Headaches

You will yield low throughputs, excessive downtime and you will always be toiling the spanners when you should be working on increasing your bank balance.

Recycling tyres is a unique proposition... Yes, the raw material does come with a cheque.

Yes, you can sell the crumb produced...

and Yes, there are many products you can value add the crumb into!


Rotatub Mixer Specifications


Rubber Wetpour Surfacing
Wetpour safety surfacing

Tyre Recycling Success (TRS) can show you how to implement the income-success increasing strategies that are available to
forward thinking tyre recyclers.

TRS can show you how on average to triple the revenue received per tyre with an awesome
'outside the square'
recycling program.

We can help you study and identify the right machinery and
layout as well as the fundamental principals that drive the
success of tyre recycling...

your business will experience the power of an atomic bomb!

The Right Machinery and Lay-Out
The right machinery and lay-out

And since you'll probably be the only recycler in your area adapting the 'cradle to grave and outside the square' breakthrough strategies, your results should multiply immediately. You will create effective barriers to entry and leave your most formidable competitors in the dust.

Tyre Recycling Success focuses strictly on
'Cradle to Grave' technology!

TRS has knowledge and experience in all aspects of product manufacture from asphalt modifying, log-peel and block slitting, playground installing and moulded products, to continuous crumb rubber rolls and carpet underlay.

TRS is willing to reveal this vast knowledge to interested parties who are seeking realistic, tested methods, technologies and strategies to commercially recycle tyres today.


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